French & Bocuse’s Legacy

1 lesson = 45 min
Class starts every Monday
Levels accepted A2 to B2
Group of 12 students
Many various cultural activities
Free wifi

Lyon is the unmissable city for gourmets, it has also held the title of World Capital of Gastronomy for nearly 90 years, thanks to some great French chefs such as Paul Bocuse.

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French & Bocuse's legacy

Lyon is the unmissable city for gourmets, it has also held the title of World Capital of Gastronomy for nearly 90 years, thanks to some great French chefs such as Paul Bocuse.

With our program, you will awaken your taste buds by visiting the famous Halles where you can taste local specialties but also exchange with producers who are passionate about their profession. You will be accompanied by a representative of our school with whom you will then have lunch in one of the city’s famous restaurants called « bouchons ».

The program at a glance

International House Lyon offers you in this program:

  • 16 general French lessons per week
  • A cultural sheet to play a treasure hunt in the city with educational support (lexicon, historical content, etc.) to explore a district, a museum, typical places in the region
  • A visit to Halles Bocuse
  • A meeting with producers and discovery of local specialties
  • A lunch in a Lyonnais « bouchon » accompanied by a representative of our International House Lyon school
  • An access to our online school with a virtual visit workshop and a thematic meeting

General French – 16 lessons per week

Our International House Lyon school offers general French courses for all levels from intermediate A2 to advanced B2.

The courses consist of 16 lessons of 45 minutes which take place over 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) in the morning.

The objective is to immerse you in a French-speaking environment to allow you to evolve independently.

Following an oral level test carried out on Monday morning, you will be placed in a group of homogeneous level. When you leave the school, you will receive a certificate from International House Lyon which will mention the number of courses taken and the level of French reached.

And in addition to face-to-face courses, we also offer 4 online courses: 2 virtual visit courses and 2 thematic meeting courses.

The extras of the program - 4 lessons per week

In addition, we offer you:

  • 1 free personal access to your FLOnline platform
    • when your register
    • during 12 weeks after you leave
  • 2 lessons of virtual guided tour per week
  • 2 lessons of online thematic meeting


You may be required to buy pedagogical material (books). Prices vary according to your level.

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Program available
in this school


We reserve the right to modify our prices in January, April and September 2023.


This program is open all year long. Beginning of class every Monday.

Registration fee25 €
 1 – 5 weeks6 – 11 weeks12 – 23 weeks24+ weeks
16 lessons of General French205 €179 €160 €145 €
Bocuse’s Legacy220 €

why choose us?

Live an unforgettable experience in France

  1. Class starts every Monday, all year long
  2. A length of stay according to your convenience (1 week minimum)
  3. Classes are opened to levels A2 to B2
  4. Qualified, experienced teachers with university degrees and trained in teaching French as a foreign language.
  5. No class on Wednesday to allow you more time enjoying France
  6. An access to our virtual school based on Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Adapted to the new reality and technologies, our teaching method includes teaching lessons, specialized workshops, virtual meetings and visits
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our pedagogy

our objectives

In order to form homogeneous classes, International House Lyon has developed an online level test, to be carried out before your arrival.

In addition, an oral test takes place on the first day of classes in order to:

  • validate your oral level
  • check that your level has not changed since the written test
  • know your expectations and needs


Classes accommodate a maximum of 12 students in order to promote exchanges and interactions during the course.

The teacher focuses above all on you, on your language needs to define and plan his course. This methodology implies a significant commitment on your part in your learning of French.

Our methodology is intended to be practical, the main thing for us is to make you independent during your stay in France, that you are able to understand simple messages and that you can respond to them in a relevant way.

In order to best measure your progress and ensure that your learning is effective, we have implemented weekly assessments in all classes.

Your progress is thus measured regularly, and in the event of a dropout, the teacher will be able to refocus his course or offer you personalized tutoring.

At the end of your stay, we will give you a certificate of attendance and participation specifying the number of hours of lessons followed and the level you have reached in French.

our innovative methodology

Cooperative Language Learning is based on the practice of the language in real-life situations, using many different classroom environments.(In the classroom, outside of the class, on the FL Online platform, on the Mooc offered by FL).
The use of all the teaching technologies and methodologies available creates a complete experience with a full support for the learner.

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