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Do you want to learn French and discover France and its culture? Experience our most famous festivals, visit our world famous museums, taste our top wines known worldwide… Our International House schools offer a wide range of French programs combining cultural activities and language learning, allowing you to discover France and its specificities, which make it a destination of world renown.

Our International House Langue Paris school is moving to 9 rue de Saint-Petersburg, 75008 Paris
[Metro 3 (Europe), 2 (Rome), 13 (Liège), 14 (Saint-Lazare)].

Our classes will resume at this address from 02/01/2023.

Our French & Culture

France is known around the world for its culture. Cinema, Museums, Festivals are only a few mentions of cultural identity. From wine tasting to Jazz festival, from Museums visits to the International Film Festival, our International House schools offer you the experience of the French culture.

With this program rich in events, you will taste the cultural effervescence of the city and its shows : opera, ballet, concert, musical, theater, museums...
International House Biarritz invites you to take part in the most festive and popular gathering in the region and you will taste local traditions, music, songs and food for three days.
Follow the journey of the most Parisian of Americans, known thanks to this flagship series on Netflix "Emily in Paris": take part in two fashion workshops and set off to discover the emblematic places and the most chic places in the City of Lights you can see in the series.
Music lovers and more particularly jazz lovers, you will be delighted by participating in this event which brings together artists from all musical currents from Neneh Cherry, to iIbrahim Maalouf or even Angèle, Black Eyed Peas, but also Earth Wind and Fire, Ben Harper ..There will be something for everyone.
For lovers of the 7th art, this international film festival is the most important in the world, known for its glamorous side, its climbing of the steps and the parade of the greatest international artists.
With this International House Nice (Libération) program, come take part in one of the most popular festivals in the world, with parades, battles of flowers, and good atmosphere... A tradition of more than 800 years!
This program will give you access to many museums and monuments in Paris or Bordeaux which will allow you to better discover the history of the city and the region.
This program will allow you to see a large number of performances and live arts, such as dance, music, theater, circus, opera etc. in various places (parks, churches, squares etc. .).
On the occasion of the Wine Festival, we offer you an immersion and discovery of this exceptional French and world-renowned product, accompanied by a representative of our school.

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