French & Culture

Do you want to learn French and discover France and its culture? Experience our most famous festivals, visit our world famous museums, taste our top wines known worldwide… Our International House schools offer a wide range of French programs combining cultural activities and language learning, allowing you to discover France and its specificities, which make it a destination of world renown.

Our International House Langue Paris school is moving to 9 rue de Saint-Petersburg, 75008 Paris
[Metro 3 (Europe), 2 (Rome), 13 (Liège), 14 (Saint-Lazare)].

Our classes will resume at this address from 02/01/2023.

Our French & Culture

France is known around the world for its culture. Cinema, Museums, Festivals are only a few mentions of cultural identity. From wine tasting to Jazz festival, from Museums visits to the International Film Festival, our International House schools offer you the experience of the French culture.

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